Click Tickets Clover came to the rescue. We were paying enormous fees through our prior ticketing service we were using. Dave and Steve have been wonderful to work with, they go above and beyond when we need them. We love the fact that we get all of our monies the next business day from the priors day ticket purchases, through Covid our monies were being held from the prior ticketing company. The Click Tickets dashboard is very easy to navigate and building tickets couldn’t be easier.

Tom Webb, Owner

Spyglass Ridge Winery – Sunbury, PA

Using Clover POS and Click Tickets has allowed us to manage our concerts in much more proficient way. We can export reports with all of our clients email addresses and send emails for future shows. Scanning tickets through the Clover App has been very easy to use, customers can either bring their QR code printed or on their mobile device.

Shawn Malone, Owner

Seymour Brewing Company – Seymour Indiana

We struggled finding a solution to allow our guests to enter our beach with capacity limitations due to Covid. Once we found the Click Tickets app on the Clover App Market, we knew we had found the right solution. The system has allowed us to control our entries into the beach area and also adjust allowance on the fly. It was very easy for us to add the Click Tickets web link to our site and working with the Click Tickets team has been a wonderful experience. The team stays involved every step of the way and they answer the phone when we call them.

Town of North Beach

Calvert County Maryland

Click Tickets helped us solve a long term fraud issue that we had with customers buying tickets from us and sharing that ticket with other people to gain entry to our sporting events. We were losing lots of revenue due to unpaid admissions. Click Tickets has an awesome solution that creates unique QR Codes and only allows that QR code to be scanned once. Now when someone shares their ticket, we scan it and it comes up that it has already been redeemed. We have increased our net revenue by 25% since implementing Click Tickets. Thank You for help Click Tickets!

North Georgia Elite

Atlanta, GA