Sell Tickets

Scan Tickets

Click Tickets Clover allows you to sell tickets online for all events through your own digital box office to no cost to the venue. Let your customers buy tickets directly on your website 24/7, without staffing ticket windows or handling cash.

Printed or Digital Click Tickets

After their purchase is complete, your customers receive a unique mobile-friendly QR Code, digital tickets via e-mail they can print or display on their phones to get into the venue. The entire process is automated so you don’t have to worry about the ticketing process.

Point of Sale System

Click Tickets Clover offers a robust integrated point of sale system for ease of commerce and our unmatched reporting capabilities. Clients that already have a Clover Point of Sale unit can simply integrate Click Tickets directly into their Clover Ecosystem.

Quickly scan digital or printed unique QR Code tickets from any iOS or Android device to streamline gate entry for patrons. Click Tickets Clover Flex clients not only enjoy the use of this device to sell product, but they can also easily use their Clover Flex device and our Click Tickets Clover App to quickly scan, validate and redeem tickets.

Get Paid

Click Tickets ensures your venue receives its revenue faster than any other digital ticketing provider, as soon as same day, and Click Tickets never touches your ticket revenue.

Real Time Reporting – View all event information across venues and departments in one central online location.

  • Ticket Sales – Know how many tickets were sold for each event
  • Attendance – Find out how many people attended your event.
  • Revenue – See how much money was made at each event.
  • Know your customer – Collect information about your customer to keep them in the know.
  • Permissions – Assign user-level permissions to control who can access reporting data.


Do you have Tickets to an event and you need assistance? Reach out to our Support Team.

Customer Service – Click Tickets provides customer support before, during and after events to assist with customer interaction and client services. We know the importance and value of customer service.

Phone: 1-877-4CLK-TIX (425-5849)